Parents and teachers,

Thank you for your interest in Addition Blocks!

First, note that
Addition Blocks should not be used for teaching your children addition.

The game is designed to increase fluency, that is,
speed and accuracy. Because of the time element,
the game will be frustrating and will not be fun for your child.

However, once a student has learned basic addition facts, then Addition Blocks can beplayed two to four times per week. Because of the time element, repetitive use of sums, immediate feedback and rewards, students will begin to add faster and more accurately.

Addition fluency is important to a student's math development since fast and accurate addition lead to a child's growth to subtraction and multiplication; subtraction and multiplication lead to and understanding and ability for long division. All of these basic operations lead a child to be able to do higher-order and longer processes involved in math, including integers, equations, and algebra.

A couple of indicators from your child: If you see them using their fingers or addition by counting (5 plus 3 is 5-6-7-8) then Addition Blocks is right for them!
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Recommended Settings

1st-3rd Grade
Speed: Slow
Difficulty: Easy

3rd-4th Grade
Speed: Normal
Difficulty: Easy

4th-5th Grade
Speed: Slow
Difficulty: Normal

5th Grade + up
Speed: Normal
Difficulty: Normal
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